Reviving a Massachusetts Writing Project

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a retreat for the revitalization of the Massachusetts Writing Project. As a still very newly appointed Technology Liaison of the Boston Writing Project, I arrived without much of an idea of what was to happen. Yet, it was a day and a half on Cape Cod, someplace that I had ironically never been since moving to the East Coast, and I was very kindly asked to participate. It turned out to be a pretty interesting and exciting event.

Despite the biting cold, the setting was warm and welcoming. The beach may have retained an austere beauty, empty as it was, but a small group of representatives from three different project sites set about reviving a state alliance. Our mission was to gain deeper insight in how to join each of the projects into a meaningful body that would add value to the individual sites. We began to realize that there are certain efforts that are strengthened by sheer volume of members, for example more political advocacy on a Beacon Hill.

Ultimately, I am always energized by working on consort with teacher consultants from various Writing Projects. There is an enlivened spirit in a room of Writing Project people. We accomplished a lot for such a short amount of time. Of course, now is when the accomplishments will truly be measured, after the fact. Will the enthusiasm from an isolated weekend on the Cape sustain and deliver actual results? It is hard to say. However, the outlook is good. I suppose we will all see if it works.


So what do you think?

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