Reading & Reacting: With A Brooklyn Accent: To The Nation’s Elites, Teachers are “Losers!”

By Fordham University’s Mark Naison @ his With a Brooklyn Accent blog.

There is a reason that people like Bill Gates, Chris Christie, Rahm Emmanuel, Jeb Bush, Andrew Cuomo, Eli Broad, Michael Bloomberg and yes Barack Obama will never really listen to teachers voices. And that is because, in the competition for money, power, and position, which is what is all the that really counts to them, they see themselves as winners and teachers as losers.

Thus begins a short polemic that is remarkably powerful. There is a insidious belief that teachers are really not all that valuable, despite whatever rhetoric might be common. We have all heard that incendiary comment, “Those who can do. Those who can’t teach.” This post amplifies that notion, which Naison presents as dangerous hubris.

Unfortunately, I think he may be on to something here. I don’t know how the people he mentions do talk in private, but I do see their questionable actions. I do believe a lot of people believe they know a lot of schools because they attended them. I do believe that their kind of one-size fits all, top-down approaches to education are not the kind of things they want for their own children, who are typically sent to elite private schools. Most of all, I do believe that they fundamentally see us teachers as “them,” which taints nearly everything.

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