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Alfonso Orsino on Perspectives @ KQED

There is something beautifully simple and direct about this short testimonial. While there are many stories about a teacher taking the time to honor a student’s presence, Orsino brings a touch of the poet to his piece.

Today, more than 40 years later, if there is one thing I have learned from a lifetime as an educator, it’s that schools need to have a heart more than an algorithm. Instead of being data-driven, we need to be compassion-driven, wonder-driven.

Teachers need to hear more stories like this. Not only are they inspiring, but they remind us all just how powerful our actions can be – often without our knowledge. Plus, I love that it was an English teacher in the story, being one and all.

What’s more non-teachers need to hear more stories like this to remind them of just how important teachers and schools can be in the. As reform debates rage, it is good to remember that humans don’t relate to algorithms nearly as well as they do to other humans. And no one wants to be a statistic, even if it is a remarkable one. Orsino’s perspective captures this notion wonderfully.

I am looking forward to welcoming students in a few weeks too.

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