Reading & Reacting: Common Core Gravy Train: Profit for Coleman, College Board, and Testing Mania

By P.L. Thomas @ Schools Matter at the Chalkface

Sticking with a theme of the College Board, this article dives deeper into the cash machine that College Board is becoming. I find it amazing that there are not more articles about the astounding conflict of interest at the heart of David Coleman’s tenure as ELA lead for the Common Core and now being CEO of the College Board.

I like how Thomas takes a step back to examine what the College Board has offered educational landscape, apart from tests. His answer, “Inequity.” Then he uses SAT scores as some compelling grounds.

Again, Thomas hammers at the fact that there are is no evidence that standards or high stakes testing makes a positive contribution to education and mounting evidence that there is loads of money to be made by a handful of entities, chief among them David Coleman’s College Board.

While the College Board may be a non-profit, it certainly has no problem spending its cash to secure more power and influence. Every student should have a chance to take an AP course, just ask the College Board.

Lastly, little if any of the current debate about the College Board, SAT or AP, has looked at how it stacks up against its main competitor the International Baccalaureate program, probably because that is another thing entirely but certainly worth some investigation. At least, IB has no connection to the Common Core or other edreforms in play in the States.

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