Thoughts and Comments About My Current Blog Experiement

After a couple of weeks of trying to be more disciplined about blogging and automate certain aspects of the process, I am feeling pretty good about the whole effort. Now, we’ll see how it goes once I am back in the classroom with students demanding my attention. It is one thing to be more prolific in the summer and another during the school year.

Last week I did need to take a couple of days off from the experiment, while I was engaged in a pretty serious home improvement effort which gobbled up almost all the waking hours of four days. Unfortunately, I do not have enough built up responses in the hopper to accommodate small disruptions. It is something I am working on. However, I am slowly getting back into the swing, albeit with fingers a little sorer than normal.

Many thanks to everyone who stops by to read and leave comment or two. I appreciate the time and hope it is worth it.


So what do you think?

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