Reading & Reacting: School reform – A summer of discontent

By George Wood @ via School reform: A summer of discontent – The Washington Post’s The Answer Sheet

George Wood is an administrator who clearly gets it. In this beautifully written review of the current edrefrom debate that has been raging this summer and will undoubtedly continue for the foreseeable future, he uses a number of excellent references and anecdotes. After reconsidering his use of Steinbeck’s quotation as a guiding force he chooses an even better one.

We could remember the immortal words of Hunter S. Thompson, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” Regardless of results, folks are still able to sell their market-based school reforms to an unsuspecting public. When it comes to smoke-and-mirrors, these guys are real pros.

What I appreciate most about this piece is Wood’s honesty. He is critical and forthright about his outrage, eschewing the relative safety of non-committal double-talk that is a lot more common. Still, he recognizes the political realities of a situation. Despite that recognition tempering his call to action more than I might like, at least he acknowledges foolishness and doesn’t pretend that we are powerless. His resistance is both courageous and strategic when he explains, “It will be my job to keep us within the limits of the law, but to test every boundary that stops us from acting in the best interests of children, families and teachers.”

That is the kind of educational leadership that commands respect.

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