Crafting Forums at 2013 ACCEPT Blended & Online Learning Symposium

Here is a current presentation that I just gave at the ACCEPT Blended & Online Learning Symposium hosted by Natick High School. This was my second year presenting, having also presented at last year’s inaugural event.

This is a genuinely nice local event. It is smaller but draws a lot of really interesting and talented suburban Boston teachers, associated with the ACCEPT Education Collaborative. Lat year, my presentation, called Instructional Alchemy, was about teaching blended or hybrid classes in general, while this year my presentation is more specifically focused on creating quality online discussions.

For this presentation I used Haiku Deck, which I have grown to like using a lot. For this presentation, I use a gardening theme, which influenced the look of the slides. I embedded a lot of notes with the slides, which are visible at the host site. Viewing the presentation there allows viewing all the notes adjacent to each individual slide, complete with links to some additional resources. Considering a lot of the presentation involves how to modify and refashion select face-to-face strategies in an online context, there are not quite as many links as there can be in some of my other presentations.

Hopefully it will be useful both to people in attendance and others that couldn’t make it.


So what do you think?

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