Presenting at MassCUE 2013 – Building a Student Journalism Program

Today, my co-teaching colleague Sterling Worrell and I gave a presentation on the hybrid journalism program that we created for MassCUE, at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA. The image above is a link to the shared slide deck.

Unfortunately, we got the last slot of the day, which usually means a lean turnout. However, we were pleasantly surprised by the number of people who were present. While not a large number, they were definitely interested and asked lots of great questions. So it was ultimately a nice success and celebration of some of the work we have been able to accomplish over the last few years.

Best of all, our former principal who put the two of us together to create the program dropped into see how things have developed since he moved onto become a superintendent in a different district. It was great to see him and have a chance to chat.

MassCUE is always a nice event. Holding it at Gillette Stadium is also a major bonus. All presentations and workshops are held in the luxury boxes just above the club level of the stadium, which is a treat for those of us not privy to the inside such swanky suites. While security is pretty tight and rigorous, you can catch a glimpse of the Patriots and Revolution training sessions as you move from one part of the stadium to another. Plus, the food is pretty good too. It definitely beats the typical hotel venue.


2 thoughts on “Presenting at MassCUE 2013 – Building a Student Journalism Program

  1. Maureen Devlin

    I also had the last slot of the day for my presentation, so it’s nice to read about your presentation. Journalism is so important, and the advantage of a small crowd is that you can really focus on their needs and interests. I’m glad your presentation went well. And, I agree, Gillette is a fine place to host a conference.

    1. Fred Haas - @akh003 Post author


      Thank you so much for the kind words. It was a good day. I certainly hope your presentation went well too. It is unfortunate we couldn’t have attended each other’s sessions, since we were scheduled at odds with one another.



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