Reading & Reacting: Billionaires Going Bonkers: Trying to Reboot Reform

Photo: Crumbled Houses

Crumbled Houses – cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo by Michael Mo

By Anthony Cody @ Edweek’s Living in Dialogue blog

After listing a number of examples, Anthony Cody makes this bold suggestion. It serves as a kind of rallying cry, as well as  survey of the current state of affairs in education.

There seems to be a dawning awareness on the part of the backers of corporate reform that their project is in real trouble, and that this battle is unfolding on the ground, even if they command the corporate boardrooms.

Despite the examples presented, I am hoping that this statement is more true than it might seems at the moment. There does seem to be a rising awareness of the darker side of edrefrom, but I have yet to get a sense of just how powerful or important that resistance has become.

Business agendas have always been adapted into education for as long as can be remembered but to what degree has been the more recent developments. Cody paints the current state of affairs with some positive recognition and sober understanding of what is likely to come.

I can only hope that the truth is that there is a regrouping required, asa result of failures and greater understanding beginning to shine through the haze. Yet there is still a whole lot more work required to save public education from edreformy attacks. It may require a continued and permanent vigilance, in fact.


So what do you think?

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