Digital Play: Reading Worlds of Wonder

Since switching to a new position of technology integration coordinator, I recently started pursuing some Adobe credentials. This is the assignment that I produced for the first week in a course on Digital Creativity.

Challenge: Create composite image (i.e., a photo collage) using at least four separate images to show creativity infused in various areas of life. Use an image of yourself or someone else as a starting point and manipulate the image to illustrate the thoughts and ideas streaming out of the subject’s mind.

Image: Digital collage of the mind of a little girl reading

Challenge 1: Digital Collage – Reading Worlds of Wonder

Narrating the Work

This was an interesting beginning challenge. I have some very rudimentary Photoshop skills but never feel particularly confident. More than anything I wanted to use a number of images but make them seem unified in some thematic way. I also wanted to play with filters and layers and just try some things out.

Reading a book opens up a whole visual world. Initially, I thought of thought clouds as a backdrop and went for literal clouds, as a result. I wanted to keep an ariel flight element, so opted for the balloons. Plus, books render a kind of movie of the mind, hence the roll of film in background. The book was about two friends that dance, which prompted the dancers. S0 it was an odd assembly of images that I just tried to make work together through color and some visual effects.

With the exception of the image in the foreground, which I took, all images are credited in the lower right corner.


So what do you think?

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