Live-Tweet Highlights from #MassCUE Keynote with @Catlin_Tucker

Here are my aggregated live-tweet highlights from MassCUE “Dare to Innovate” fall conference kick-off keynote by Catlin Tucker, using Storify.

As a note, the typical Storify embed code didn’t work with the basic WordPress account. So I hacked the HTML5 alternative to make it work. Perhaps I’ll write a separate post on solving that problem quickly, while trying to get the word out and posted.

#MassCUE Keynote with @Catlin_Tucker

Here are the live-tweeted highlights from Catlin Tucker’s keynote kickoff to the Dare to Innovate MassCUE fall conference.

  1. Note: Initial Twitter handle errors for Catlin Tucker, which is @Catlin_Tucker (
  2. Keynote speaker @ #MassCUE @Caitlin_Tucker excited by novel idea as teacher, “I was going to create binders for my classroom.”
  3. Keynote speaker @ #MassCUE15 @Caitlin_Tucker excited by novel idea as teacher, “I was going to create binders for my classroom.”

  4. Twitter handle errors corrected from this point.
  5. @Catlin_Tucker “I literally skipped back into the classroom,” after teaching online for a year while on maternity leave. #MassCUE15
  6. @Catlin_Tucker an epiphany as teacher “If I make decisions from a place of fear, no positive things will happen in my classroom.” #MassCUE15
  7. @Catlin_Tucker “We won’t ever catch up. The best thing we can do is to try, learn, make mistakes. Pick one tool to learn.” #MassCUE15
  8. @Catlin_Tucker “Students need to experiment with tools to discover which one is best for the job.” #massCUE15
  9. @Catlin_Tucker “When students are forced to share b/c they do not all have adevice. They are instantly collaborating” #massCUE15
  10. @Catlin_Tucker “Not a lot of technology is needed. What we need is tenacity…I’m asking them to take risks every single day.” #MassCUE15
  11. @Catlin_Tucker “I didn’t want to just think outside the box. I wanted to break the box, in rethinking my teaching.” #MassCUE15
  12. @Catlin_Tucker “In the classroom one person is usually talking. If teacher spends majority of time talking…sends a message.” #MassCUE15
  13. @Catlin_Tucker “If you are using technology in the classroom and using one tool, it might not be the best tool next year..” #MassCUE15
  14. @Catlin_Tucker “I’m trying to give every student a voice.. so more can have a say in our clasroom.” #MassCUE15
  15. @Catlin_Tucker “I didn’t realize students needed instruction on leaving a message!” #MassCUE15
  16. @Catlin_Tucker “Nobody left their name,” leaving a message. “I had wrongly assumed that they knew…basic communication skills.” #MassCUE15
  17. @Catlin_Tucker “Students don’t want to do their best work for their teacher, but if they know other people will see it…” #MassCUE15
  18. @Catlin_Tucker “If our kids are going to make the kid of change in the world, they need have a voice.” and believe it’s important #MassCUE15
  19. @Catlin_Tucker Sharing a student’s TED-style talk from her classroom, showcasing their valuable voice, even noticed by TED #MassCUE15
  20. @Catlin_Tucker “I a lot of teachers are scared posting student work on line. Incredible things happen when students post online.” #MassCUE15
  21. @Catlin_Tucker “It’s challenging to be a student in a student-centered classroom…It’s so much harder to lean in.” #MassCUE15
  22. @Catlin_Tucker “I didn’t tell them exactly how to do it, but in the end the products were incredible.” #MassCUE15
  23. @Catlin_Tucker “What if I said, ‘I want you to make an RSA animation’ on how society shifted in Farenheit 451.” #MassCUE15
  24. @Catlin_Tucker “I was so impressed with what they were able to achieve with a phone, Google Docs, and a low tech environment.” #MassCUE15
  25. @Catlin_Tucker “What if I said, ‘I want you to plan this unit?'” Note: It works, I’ve tried that one. #MassCUE15
  26. @Catlin_Tucker “It was so exciting to see them…planning the unit… They discovered how our job is really challenging.” #MassCUE15
  27. @Catlin_Tucker “[Students] need to be doing research every single day.” #MassCUE15
  28. @Catlin_Tucker Wanted “a no Barbie house” for her daughter, but a discovery tipped her off on using infographics w/ students #MassCUE15
  29. @Catlin_Tucker “A lot of teachers think’Should you be using that with students?’…I loved Instagram scavenger hunts.” #MassCUE15
  30. @Catlin_Tucker “If they love it [students], my goal is to hijack it for learning.” #MassCUE15
  31. You can demand that students come to you & do it your way or you can go where they are & find a way to help them find their way #MassCUE
  32. @Catlin_Tucker Just posting a question requiring research on the board & waiting to see who can find the answer first #MassCUE15
  33. @Catlin_Tucker “When I was choosing books. I was limited by book room of our school. but today there aren’t those limitations” #MassCUE15
  34. @Catlin_Tucker “Annotations can now be a collaborative experience. Let them do it together… more stamina reading together.” #MassCUE15
  35. @Catlin_Tucker “Now I am in the document with my students…The experience is so much richer.” Focus is not just on product #MassCUE15
  36. @Catlin_Tucker “I want them to know that I am not their only audience. I don’t try to control what they write.” #MassCUE15
  37. @Catlin_Tucker “They are writing about things they care about and pushing it out into the world.” #MassCUE15
  38. @Catlin_Tucker “If technology doesn’t improve what we are doing then we shouldn’t be using it.” #MassCUE15
  39. @Catlin_Tucker “If kids are in a lab, why aren’t they taking pictures, shooting video?” #MassCUE15
  40. @Catlin_Tucker “Common Core gives us a common language. So a teacher in CA or MA can talk to one another.” #MassCUE15
  41. @Catlin_Tucker “There are so many things i wouldn’t know about my kids if the only way I got to know them was with pen & paper.” #MassCUE15
  42. @Catlin_Tucker “The best teachers are the best learners…It’s a journey…Be patient with yourself” #MassCUE15




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